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NewsFirst of all, I want to thank all the donors that have supported all the past projects. You're all wonderful! And just a quick reminder, there are still a few chapters of both Now is the Best Time for Sex and Younger Girls Celebration that are unfunded, so please give them a little love while you donate to these new ones. Thank you. Now for the six new ones.

First is Poyo Chichi by FCT. This is a collection of one or two-shots filled with busty women with marshmallow-soft breasts. Themes include the major ones: School, work, cousin, 3-way, tutor, cosplay, anal, video rental shop. Some are romantic, some plain crazy, but all involve horny women. This is a nice set of basically vanilla stories. Light black bar censorship.

Poyo Chichi Project Page

Second is Amanee! by Shiomaneki. This collection of one-shots is full of excellent humor and great writing (I hope I do it justice). Each story has wild and crazy situations and sex, usually older horny women with younger guys, bordering on shouta sometimes (but one sweet petanko and male teacher story). Situations include: Nurse, teacher, aunt, friend's aunt, neighbor's wife, business partner, tutor, co-worker. A very exciting and stimulating tankoubon. Extremely light censorship.

Amanee! Project Page

Third is 36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife by Kuroki Hidehiko. Another in the series of cheating older women by the master of the build-up, Kuroki Hidehiko. This is a collection of four one-shots, a two-shot and a four-parter. Almost all of these are with older women; one is a with an old friend (but still married). The author again achieves great heights with his typical genre, but still throws a few curve balls in his storytelling. Extremely light censorship. (aka 36-Sai Injuku Sakarizuma)

36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife Project Page

Fourth is Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin by Shinobu Tanei. Here we have another collection of stories about little stepsisters by the author who seems to own the genre. There are at least two stories about each couple, and one single fantasy to close out the volume. Unfortunate black-cap censorship. (aka Imouto Shojo Gensou)

Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin Project Page

Fifth is Seductive Older Woman Apartment by Hoshino Ryuuichi. This is a series of stories about a young university student who moves into an apartment building his hot aunt lives in. Of course the place is filled with hot horny lonely women, so the guy stays very busy. He's even got a girlfriend! Of course there's some cheating and drama, but it all ends pretty happily. Extremely light censorship. (aka Yuuwaku no Toshiue Apartment)

Seductive Older Woman Apartment Project Page

Finally is the series Rewrite Clinic by Ozaki Akira. From the master of crazy sex and humor, this is a two-volume series about nurses that give "psychological" relief to men going through crises at a psychological counseling clinic. Each volume focuses on a different woman, but the theme is basically the same: nurses put into situations where they must satisfy the sexual advances and needs of the patients. Heavy censorship.

Rewrite Clinic Project Page

To donate to any or all of these projects, visit the Donor Projects Page.

Hope you all find something you can enjoy in this new batch. Enjoy!
TranslationsTwo releases today. First is the fourth chapter of the third volume of Life with Married Women Just Like a Manga. Atom has gone completely to the other side. However, when he needs to get to work, his messy place distracts him, so he gets a housekeeper to clean up, but she's quite a distraction as well.

Life with Married Women Just Like a Manga 3 - Chapter 4

The other release is chapter six of Love Tissue. Here we have a young man meeting an old high school teacher and reliving memories of what they did in school. He invites other old classmates and they all show up for one hell of a gang bang.

Love Tissue - Chapter 6 - Fun With Nana-Sensei!

TranslationsTwo releases today. First is chapter three of volume three of Life with Married Women Just Like a Manga. OK, Atom is really getting carried away now, with a crazy Twitter account, and getting the attention of another publisher... and does he really have her attention!

Life with Married Women Just Like a Manga 3 - Chapter 3

The other release is chapter 13 of Milky Bitch. Fairly typical widow scenario: Husband dies leaving huge debt, deceased husband's little brother loves widow, loan sharks come to collect payment in flesh from widow, etc.

Milky Bitch - Episode 13 - Love Mourning

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter 18 (final chapter) of Milky Bitch.

TranslationsTwo releases today. First is chapter 12 of Milky Bitch. This is the last of the food series, and this time is the taste of a fortune teller who seems to give guys the ability to advance at their company, so they all oblige themselves.

Happening - Episode 12 - Nationwide B Class Food Special #4 - Aichi - Fried Bun on a Stick & Pie Bun

The other release is chapter seven of Younger Girls Celebration. A young man who can't seem to land a job goes on a vacation by the sea with his parents and a cousin. Does he know what's in store for him? Do you?

Younger Girls Celebration - Chapter 07 - Spa-Surprise

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter ten of Younger Girls Celebration and chapter six of The Best Time for Sex is Now.

Thank you for all your support. Thanks to it, all but two of the current projects have been completely funded. There are still a few unfunded chapters of The Best Time for Sex is Now and Younger Girls Celebration. Please donate to those projects on the Donor Projects Page.

TranslationsTwo releases today. First is chapter 11 of Milky Bitch, continuing the food series. This time we get to experience a "juicy bun," but it appears the locals are very protective of their locally grown products.

Milky Bitch - Episode 11 - Happening - Nationwide B Class Food Special #3 - Kanagawa - Juicy Bun

The other release is chapter eight of Sis Ero. It appears Ayu and Takato are done for, but Hisami and Yumi-nii are still at it... for now...

Sis Ero - Chapter 08 - Even Though I Knew Better...

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter nine of volume three of Life with Married Women Just Like a Manga, completing that series, and chapter nine of Love Tissue, which completes that volume as well.

Though a couple of works have been completed, there are still plenty of unfunded chapters for Younger Girls Celebration and The Best Time for Sex is Now, and one chapter unfunded for Milky Bitch. Donations can be made at the Donor Projects Page. Thanks for all your support so far!