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TranslationsTwo long-awaited releases today. First we have the first chapter of 36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife. Our hero is learning how to be a masseur and is practicing on his aunt... Do I really need to go on?

36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife - Chapter 01 - Aunt's Bed

The other release is the first chapter of the first volume of Rewrite Clinic. Here we meet our heroine for the volume, Kanae. She gets a job at a clinic for depressed people (men only, it seems), and finds that at least one patient only needs some physical attention to be put on the road to recovery. Fortunately she enjoys it a lot as well.

Rewrite Clinic 1 - Chapter 01

Donor projects: For donors, I've released chapter five of Poyo Chichi and chapter six of 36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife.


TranslationsTwo releases today. First is the first chapter of Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin. Here we have the first of several related stories about a young man and his new little sister. They share a room, and a very unique relationship, which he thinks is rather unfair at times. But I think he's got a pretty good deal.

Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin - Chapter 01 - Little Stepsister's Boundary

The other release is chapter two of Poyo Chichi. This is the second of two color shorts about a very hot neighbor. Our hero visits her again, and she's just as rambunctious as the first time.

Poyo Chichi - Chapter 02 - Cream Pies OK? Neighbor

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter five of Amanee!

TranslationsToday's release is the first chapter of Poyo Chichi by FTC. This short-but-sweet little color chapter is about a guy who helps his busty neighbor move in, so of course she has to reward him. This is where being a good boy scout pays off.

Poyo Chichi - Chapter 01 - Kinda Odd Neighbor

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter five of 36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife and chapter four of Poyo Chichi.

TranslationsOne release today. It's the first chapter of Amanee!, also the first of the latest projects to be released to the public. Here we have a short color chapter with a female teacher trying to help her male student concentrate. Not sure this'll work.

Amanee! - Chapter 01 - Sensei!

Donor projects: For donors I've released chapter four of 36-Year-Old Randy Mature Wife, chapter three of Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin, chapter four of Amanee! and chapter two of volume one of Rewrite Clinic.

NewsToday I posted the Tadanohito Torrent for December 2014. It contains everything released here up through December 4, 2014. Get it at Nyaa Torrents:

Tadanohito Torrent December 2014

Thank you to all the seeders.