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TranslationsTwo releases today.

First is chapter nine of the first volume of Rewrite Clinic. Here Kanae discovering the secret of Kenta-kun! What a surprise!

Rewrite Clinic 1 - Chapter 09

The other release is the final chapter of Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin. This chapter shows what happens when you try to relive life in order to correct your mistakes. Curious?

Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin - Chapter 11 - Little Stepsister Fantasy VirginLittle Stepsister Fantasy Virgin Complete Volume

TranslationsTwo releases today. First is the final chapter of Poyo Chichi. Here we have a poor young lady terribly troubled by her well developed bosom. Fortunately one guy doesn't have a problem with them.

Poyo Chichi - Chapter 13 - My Boobs Are Such Trouble
Poyo Chichi Complete Volume

The other release is chapter ten of Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin. This is the second of the two-parter of the young lady who wants to be treated like a pet by her big brother. She's all his now!

Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin - Chapter 10 - Little Stepsister's Plea for Training


Rewrite Clinic volume two coming soon!

PS. An error was found in Younger Girls Celebration. I've fixed it and uploaded the change.
Younger Girls Celebration p166
TranslationsSorry for the delays. Real life keeps me busy.

Two releases. First is chapter 12 of Poyo Chichi. This is the second of a two-parter about the Feel-Good Club. The heroine wants to stop wit the sex play, but the two male members aren't about to let her forget.

Poyo Chichi - Chapter 12 - My Feel-Good Club --After--

The other release is chapter eight of Rewrite Clinic volume 1. An argument about which nurse is a better fuck breaks out, and one guy figures he can find out by having a bit of both.

Rewrite Clinic 1 - Chapter 08

Some errors were found in a couple of releases. Below are the titles and pages.

Rewrite Clinic 1 chapter 7:

The Best Time for Sex is Now:

I am getting around to translating the final volume of Rewrite Clinic. Thank you for funding it completely. It WILL get done, slowly but surely.

TranslationsFirst, thank you very, very much for all the kind remarks. I appreciate each and every one of them.

So today's first, greatly belated, release is chapter seven of the first volume of Rewrite Clinic. Here we have a former resident that ended up becoming a pro baseball player coming back for a visit. He's not that popular among the residents, but he gets the favor of Nitani Sensei.

Rewrite Clinic 1 - Chapter 07

The other release is chapter nine of Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin. In this first of a two-parter, we have a little sister that's a masochist that loves being treated like a pet.

Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin - Chapter 09 - Pet Little Stepsister 365 Days

Donor projects: For donors I've released the final chapter of volume one of Rewrite Clinic. Now for volume two!

NewsYou may have noticed the slowdown in translations and releases lately. I also said I'd be announcing new projects soon, but they sure are taking a long time coming.

This is because I've come to the decision that it's time to end my career as a hentai translator.

That's right. No more translations from Tadanohito. You heard right.

I'll complete the funded chapters of Rewrite Clinic, and any more that get funded. Please fund them quickly, because I don't want that project to linger. There are still over 130 pages to fund though. If it doesn't get funded soon, I may just drop it. I really don't want to do that. I hate incomplete translations.

There are still a few more releases to come, so if you're a donor, don't go splashing those releases all over the net before I've released them publicly here. Please respect that aspect of the donor process here for a little while longer.

As for this site, I'll leave it up probably until the end of 2015. All my stuff is available on other sites anyway. I'll also post a final torrent that can live on into eternity.

I've removed the donations to the site button since I'll be moving the site to a super cheap server that I can pay for on my own.

"Why?" you ask. Life moves on, and I've made the decision to put this part behind me. This was meant to be temporary; more of a hobby, but it had grown into so much more, it threatened to take over my life. I've had to tame it, and now put it aside. I will now focus on translation work of another nature. (I know this doesn't really answer why, but this is all I'm going to say in public.)

I want to say thanks to all you who have supported me through these years. I've had several crises during this time, and this site and the members have helped me make it through them (though it has also been the cause of a crisis or two).

In any case, as I said before, there are still a few more releases in the future, and Rewrite Clinic still needs to be funded, so it's not a complete and total immediate sayonara, just the prelude to the final chapter here.

Take care.

PS. I won't answer any questions regarding my retirement from hentai translation, unless I see it as necessary. So don't be surprised if I never respond to any comments or PMs or emails regarding this announcement.